Panther News · Winter Athletic Update

On Wednesday, November 18, the Franklin County Public Health and the Columbus Public Health Departments issued a joint Stay At Home Advisory for the City of Columbus and Franklin County.

The Advisory is posted on the Franklin County Public Health website at:

As part of the Advisory, the Departments strongly recommended that, ““All organizations and residents are strongly advised to suspend and discontinue extracurricular activities including sports.”

The members of the Ohio Capital Conference (OCC) met to discuss the Advisory as it pertained to the Winter Sports Season in the league. The superintendents and athletic directors involved made the decision that all extracurricular athletic activities involving OCC teams are postponed until at least December 18, 2020.

Based on this decision, the Pickerington Schools has made the decision to postpone its Winter interscholastic athletic competitions, scrimmages and matches across all Winter Sports until December 18, 2020.

It is important to note that this postponement only affects interscholastic athletic competitions, matches and scrimmages against other schools. Our Winter Sports teams can still continue to practice, prepare and train for the Winter Sports season during the postponement period. Additionally, our athletic directors have worked with the OCC to create schedules that will preserve almost all of our league competitions when play resumes on December 18.

We understand how disappointing this is to our student athletes, parents, coaches and community. However, given the decision made by the OCC, our schools would have very few, if any, available schools to play during this time period.. Additionally, playing schools from outside of our area has also been challenging as many Holiday Tournaments and other events involving schools from outside of our area have also been canceled or postponed due to concerns about the Coronavirus.

The Pay to Participate fee deadlines for our Winter Sports athletes will also now be moved back to December 18, 2020.

Additionally, this decision does not affect previously scheduled curricular or co-curricular activities in areas such as Arts and Music. These programs may proceed with previously scheduled concerts or performances as long they adhere to our current policies and procedures as they are impacted by COVID-19 (e.g., maximum 15% capacity at an event, parents only, 6’ social distancing, facial coverings, etc.).

Finally, we would like to note that we understand the difficulties and the stress that the COVID pandemic is causing our students and families. During this challenging time, we encourage our community to continue to adhere to local health guidance to the maximum extent possible for the safety and welfare of all. We thank you for your diligence and efforts as we all continue to work together to combat COVID-19.

Thank you.